I love nature, I always try to get outside whenever possible. Especially here in Marrakech. Its so beautiful here, and I feel more beautiful here. Both inside and out. This place is like the garden of Eden! I love it. The lush gardens, amazing, architecture, design and art. And I also love the atmosphere. It’s been the perfect setting to launch the partnership we’ve forged with True Botanicals… a skincare line, who’s products I have also come to adore. Natural, organic, straight from nature, and amazing to my skin.

I mean I really have to give it up for True Botanicals. Their products are simply amazing! My skin looks, feels and smells amazing! This summer glow is fantastic and I hope it lasts me well into fall and winter. With the change of seasons my skin usually wigs out and goes rogue on me. Drier, uneven skin tone and breakouts. No fun at all. But I am looking forward to fortifying my skincare regimen with all the lovely goodies True Botanical has.

I recently tried the hydrating oil and mist and think that these two will be perfect for the cold winter months ahead that tend to dry out my skin. I’ll also be traveling a LOT these next few months too, and this can also cause a toll on my skin… luckily, I plan on carrying the full True Botanicals lineup with me. (The convenient size and shapes of the packaging allows for easy transport, which I definitely appreciate when I am in the TSA line at the airport).

Overall, since using their line, I can see and feel changes that are more in line with my healthy, glow skin goals and I am ecstatic about that. Because to me, one of the pillars of health & beauty, is great skin, (especially on my face) and this stuff, makes it every bit of what I expected. Thanks for helping me achieve the skin of my dreams @trubotanicals!


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