Our skin, is all glorious. Beautiful and divine… and should be represented and catered to by ALL brands. So, we’ve teamed up with Cover FX to bring you an ode to the skin we are in, because they agree that #nudeisnotbeige.

Nude is not beige.

It’s pecan.

It’s caramel.

It’s chocolate.

Milk to dark…

It’s coffee.

Even charcoal.

And midnight, too.

Nude is the color of OUR SKIN.

No matter what skin we are in.

Thank you Cover FX for making foundations in an array of shades and tones for ALL complexions… because after all Nude is NOT beige…. it’s so much more!


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  • Marshalla

    October 18, 2017 at 12:52 am Reply

    Love the fact that you stated the various shades nude is! Keep inspiring and revealing the truth.

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