Embracing my #nubianheritage

Embracing my #nubianheritage

I am totally obsessed with skincare products! I’ll admit, I am an addict and I have a problem. I really do. Something about amazing products, that smell and feel good, in cute packaging, just gets me every time. If you’re anything like me, a simple trip to the market or mall, turns into trying to avoid spending countless time in the aisles full of beautiful, beautifying products that almost seem to speak my name as I walk by! Yeah, I have issues.

I am also pretty obsessed with self-care, and taking really excellent care of my mind, spirit and body. This includes my skin. So when I discovered SunDial’s Nubian heritage line I was absolutely smitten with all the great smelling body scrubs, lotions and even natural deodorants. (I stopped wearing regular deodorant years ago, due to the chemicals & long term health hazards).


My faves from the line is the Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver collection. Specifically the deodorant, moisturizer and body scrub. I always leave the bath, smelling like royalty whenever I use these! Sometimes I also slather on the African Black Soap Infused Shea Butter too… so rich and creamy, I use it for extra moisture and to seal in all the goodness after a bath as well. There’s also the amazing, and unique Abbysinian oil & Chia Seed body wash and lotion as well. Super good stuff, with natural skin firming ingredients, to boot! My on-the-go for the handbag is the Coconut & Papaya hand cream, which I really dig! Not only does it work wonders for my hands after washing, but smells so yummy & amazing. I almost forget its not edible! This one is definitely a keeper, as far an hand creams go. 


Overall, I recommend the entire Nubian Heritage line, especially if you’re feeling like you can use a dose of added moisture, natural smell & feel goods to your self-care routine. So, If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it. Trust me. Your skin will thank me later, xx!

Victory In Morocco… wearing a swimsuit by City Republik, and a glow courtesy of Nubian Heritage.

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