Victory in Morocco for FORM Beauty

These past few weeks have been amazing here in Morocco! Everything from the food, culture, atmosphere and weather has been a dream. I for one, love the heat. Arid or humid, I’ll take it. Morocco is definitely arid and HOT! Honestly though, I cannot get enough of it.

My short brush cut has started growing in nicely, and even though the water here is a bit hard (like London…. which is my next stop!), FORM beauty hydrating conditioner has been keeping my TWA baby curls super soft. You can actually feel the difference between just a quick water rinse and using the amazing smelling, light yet luxurious conditioner.

I am also a huge fan of leave in conditioners as well and always make sure to follow up with the multitask leave in lotion. I even carry it min my purse as a refresher on the go!

Last but definitely not least, my personal fave from FORM beauty is the amazing pomade with essential oils. I really cannot get enough of this stuff and the shine it give my hair. I really wish it came in a lotion as well, because I would literally slather it on from head to toe if so! But I’ll just stick to the little hair I have since that’s what it’s for. I even gave some to a friend with longer more luxurious curls to style, while her and she loved it too. Raved about the feel, smell and shine ti gave her sleek new style!All I can say is thanks FORM beauty for helping keep my hair looking, smelling and feeling amazing!

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