Hyper pigmentation is so very real! Although ti may not look like it, my skin scars very easily which is highly frustrating and annoying. Especially since I am obsessed with having a clear, glowing, healthy complexion. If you suffer from hyper pigmentation (melanin scarring that leaves marks on the skin), and revere a radiant glow like I do, then you too share my frustration.

Enter Nyakio Brightening oil! When I tell you this stuff works and is EVERYTHING!? Boy, do I mean it. I like to massage my face with this after cleansing, toning and slathering on a hearty dose of my fave serum, whilst my face is still a bit moist, to ensure that the oil absorbs into my skin. Leaving me relaxed and my skin vibrant.

I’ve been using it for a while and have noticed that my complexion is brighter, more supple and that the hyper pigmentation has indeed lessened, and even faded altogether in certain spots. I have even foregone wearing concealer on my spots most days as well to show off my more natural, radiant glow! I highly recommend it as part of your facial regimen: it’s AWESOME!



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