Victory in Morocco for FORM Beauty These past few weeks have been amazing here in Morocco! Everything from the food, culture, atmosphere and weather has been a dream. I for one, love the heat. Arid or humid, I’ll take it. Morocco is definitely arid and HOT! Honestly though, I cannot get enough of it.


  @ladydork, @srvj, @stylebytori for Form Beauty at Jnane Tamsna in Marrakech, Morocco Ok ladies, now let’s get in FORMation! Ok well, maybe not Mr.s Carter World tour formation, but let’s talk about one of my new faves: FORM beauty… and no, I am not Beyonce! But, even she would use this stuff, and admit


Self-care is imperative to quality of life. Dire almost. If we don’t take care of ourselves, then we are no good to anyone else. I’ve found this to be one of the truest things in my journey of self-love and care, and even in my active everyday life! I am very much a believer in


Growth, is inevitable. We cannot stop it. Any efforts to control it, usually backfire on us in unimaginable ways. For far too long, others have tried to control, manipulate and even stunt our growth. But their efforts only made us stronger. Like the beautiful wildflowers that some call “weeds”, our resilience has pushed us through


COLOR DOESN’T MATTER. How many times do we have to battle this? How long???? If you can’t see that this is all a construct to make us hate ourselves, implement hierarchy, divide and distract us; then you too, are part of the problem. She is not better than me. Nor me, than she. We are


It’s not ok to degrade us. It’s not ok to talk shit about one over another. For any reason. It’s not ok to buy into this mentality that lighter is better. Straighter is nicer. Fairer, is the gauge for what’s more pleasurable. ALL THIS, IS BULLSHIT. And so is your mentality, if you adhere to


One year down and counting! June 21st  The Colored Girl celebrated our one year anniversary, and a lot has happened in a year. What started out as a disruptive idea, to be seen and heard; turned into a viral sensation, necessary movement and full blown business. We are proud to say that the work we