One year down and counting! June 21st  The Colored Girl celebrated our one year anniversary, and a lot has happened in a year.

What started out as a disruptive idea, to be seen and heard; turned into a viral sensation, necessary movement and full blown business. We are proud to say that the work we are doing is bigger than us. It’s so much more than just pretty pictures and cool clothes on beautiful women (of color). It is a physical manifestation of an ideal that we too, are WORTHY. This is our proclamation of power, and protest within systems that were designed to see us fail. So this celebration was a momentous occasion of TCG turning one, and also a turning of tides… a way for us to revel in the new wave that we’ve created. It was also a chance to connect with some of the people who help support our endeavors, and who have become a part of the movement.

We work hard. Round the clock, like so many others who spearhead movements, and run businesses. So we appreciate every single good vibe sent in our direction. It helps keep us going. Especially when those vibes are so present in the room, that they are palpable enough to almost touch. This was what the #TCGturns1 party was like: a sea of tangible positive vibes. Strong enough for us to swim in, and get lost in the happiness of. It was awesome!

We had a great time. As did everyone who attended. Which we learned as the messages flooded our inbox with even more positive feedback. It was so joyful to take that moment, and really appreciate all that we’ve built. It would definitely be an understatement to say that we are excited for the future, and all that lies ahead. So for now, we will just say, that we are truly humbled, and grateful. THANK YOU! (For riding this wave with us, xx).

Curating change,

Tori & Vic

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