#IMARA, FOREVER POWER. PERSISTENCE. PRESENCE. IMARA was truly life changing. In every sense of the way… also in more ways than we had imagined. Firstly, a gazillion thanks to all of those who supported and /or attended. Tori and I, truly thank you from the depths of our souls. You made IMARA magical! LUNCHEONS &


COVER FX has always been my go-to brand because it is Vegan, natural and works well with my overly sensitive skin. I have been a Cover FX girl for at least five years now…and my shade has always been N90. I like a very natural no-makeup makeup look, and their foundation does just that. It is very


Hyper pigmentation is so very real! Although ti may not look like it, my skin scars very easily which is highly frustrating and annoying. Especially since I am obsessed with having a clear, glowing, healthy complexion. If you suffer from hyper pigmentation (melanin scarring that leaves marks on the skin), and revere a radiant glow