What I Know For Sure…

What I Know For Sure…

In celebration of my 40th revolution around the sun…

“I WASN’T READY…. all my life I have been preparing for this moment. The moment to FULLY own it… to fully walk in my power, be confident in who I am, and let my purpose set my soul into an ineffable blaze that would incinerate me, and then birth me again, like the phoenix. Now its time… of that I am certain. And now… I am ready.”

I turned 40 on June 2nd (shocker)! This age is a milestone for many. But more specifically women. As I join the 40 club, I can honestly say that I feel a plethora of emotions rapidly running as the undercurrent to my fierce determination, focus, and zen. I am learning to fully surrender, trust the universe & god and KNOW there are certain truths that will outlast us all. I am letting go. Clearing the path, so that I cam be a path to others and  be a light. This is what arriving to the 4th floor means to me. Oh and honey, there is so much work to do! Lives to change, and such.

I am also excited to be entering a new phase and chapter of my life. A purpose driven, celebratory, no bullshit, grown af, fully owning my power phase! I proclaim that 40 is the new beginning of an unstoppable, undeniable and incredible era for me. I know this in my heart, and am proclaiming it. I am clear.

I spent most of my teen years battling insecurities; my 20’s partying and trying to “find myself”; my 30’s learning to empower myself  & getting out of my own way (thru much trial and error I might add), to be impactful. If you follow me on social media, you’ve undoubtedly seen my transition and evolution… I am doing the work, and have been very transparent about it. I’ve talked a lot about deeply loving one self, surrender, communication, understanding, compassion, service and purpose these last 2 years and thats’ because I’ve come to find, that these are some of the most important aspects of life.These last few years of my 30’s have been a  tumultuous, amazing, self-discovering and awakening transitional period, that have lead me to a place of greater understanding; and gotten me that much closer to self mastery and walking fully in my purpose. It has been the ultimate preparation, of sorts… for a (soul) marathon that never ends! But we can learn how to navigate the way, and run the race better.

Now while a lot of you are probably flabbergasted by the fact that I look like a millenial, (hello, “black don’t crack”), but am old enough to be a parent to one (yeah, that part.. get into it!)… I wanna talk about something deeper. My story is a very unique one (which I’ll share at another time). But for now, I want to talk about the things I’ve learned…. the things that are both REAL & TRUE. Things I know now, that eluded me in years prior.. what I struggled to understand before I arrived here, at this moment in time.

There are a lot of things that may be transparent, while others are not so obvious in this thing called life… and for me, there are certain inalienable truths that I hold to be self evident. There are things that I could not have felt, fathomed, comprehended or even adhered to until my soul’s progression arrived here. So at 40, here’s what I know for sure:

  1. Love is queen… and intention is king.
  2. How you practice is how you play the game.
  3. Fear is amazing fuel.
  4. Everything happens for a reason (even if we don’t understand it)
  5. The way out, is through.
  6. All things are connected.
  7. Every obstacle is an opportunity.
  8. We are not our thoughts… we are not our feelings either.
  9. Great listening can teach you more than talking ever will.
  10. Sunrises are magical (just like full moons).
  11. Every moment is its own (and cannot be replicated).
  12. Sometimes, questions are more important than answers.
  13. Process matters just as much as progress.
  14. Self care & self love can change the course of one’s life.
  15. The universe reciprocates energy fields (just look at vibes & the law of attraction!)
  16. Details matter. (So do honesty, & attitude).
  17. Timing is everything.
  18. Water is therapeutic.
  19. A good song, a good meal and a good book can all have the same effect on the soul.
  20. Meditation (and prayer) is not a goal driven practice.
  21. Stillness is the move.
  22. Travel expands the mind and heart.
  23. Compassion can be learned.
  24. Class cannot be bought and is not a matter of status.
  25. Money really isn’t everything.
  26. Truly owning one’s power requires knowing oneself.
  27. Relationships matter.
  28. The ego (especially if unchecked) is dangerous.
  29. Karma exists.
  30. Beauty is everywhere.
  31. Faith without works, truly is dead
  32. (Spiritual) Alignment is a major key to unlocking your potential, purpose and impact.
  33. Laughter is medicine.
  34. Intuition is the ultimate compass
  35. Happiness is a choice.
  36. Peace is a state of being.
  37. God is real.
  38. Vibes don’t lie.
  39. Abundance is a natural birthright.
  40. We have everything we need. Anything else is just extra stuff.

I can honestly say (and fully believe) that I am ready for whatever comes my way, But most importantly, I am BUILDING my own way and that’s what relish. There is something so profoundly powerful, and refreshing about knowing who you are, choosing to live your best life no matter what, yet still having a beginners mind while holding boundless amounts of wisdom with endless possibility lying ahead. It’s exhilarating.

All photography by @skinnywashere


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