#trulybeautiful featuring Khoudia Diop

#trulybeautiful featuring Khoudia Diop

No one is perfect but we are ALL uniquely beautiful in our own ways. Inside and out. To me, what makes a woman truly beautiful is being herself. Embracing all that she is: flaws and all!

A huge part of my self care routine, is caring for my skin and TRUE BOTANICALS helps me do just that. with amazing natural ingredients that keep my glow going, no matter where I am, all year round!

While I was in Morocco this past summer the intense dry heat nearly did a number on my skin. But luckily I was able to combat it, inside and out as well, with proper hydration (key) and TRUE BOTANICALS.

I especially love the hydration line (cleanser, mist, serum and oil). They kept my skin supple and provided much needed moisture in the arid climate.

I’ve also tried other products form their line and love the natural smell and feel of them all on my skin… as well as the glow! If you haven’t tried them yet, I definitely recommend it.

Stay beautiful, xx!

Khoudia Diop


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