It’s not ok to degrade us. It’s not ok to talk shit about one over another. For any reason. It’s not ok to buy into this mentality that lighter is better. Straighter is nicer. Fairer, is the gauge for what’s more pleasurable. ALL THIS, IS BULLSHIT. And so is your mentality, if you adhere to any of this.


Systems of discrimination and oppression, were put in place to cast us as “other”, so we can be seen as inferior to those who needed to control our power, and exploit it for their gain. Sad and disgusting, but true. And every time you disrespect a sister, because she doesn’t fit into your brainwashed beauty ideals, you put more points on their board, in this heinous game of oppression, and you weaken the very efforts of those who seek to disrupt and destroy the status quo, and take our power back.

Stop being a puppet.

We have come too far, for you to be that willfully misguided. This isn’t a joke, and there is nothing funny about pitting people against one another, because of their differences. It’s fine to have preferences. But not if they’re at the expense of others, on a level that’s so subversively (or overtly) dangerous, that you never even realize the real harm you’re causing. We deserve better.

Please be smarter.

Don’t reinforce a malignant myth. By perpetuating this nonsense you cosign our degradation. OUR DISEMPOWERMENT. JUST STOP. The last thing we need is one of us, against US. Whether knowingly, or unknowingly. Each is equally as detrimental. Learn how to love yourself instead. So you can really love others properly, and act accordingly on OUR behalf, and not just frolic in the covered corners of your unexpanded mind, secretly coveting what “massa” has. This adoption of self loathing and division, is a distraction from what really matters. It’s just smoke and mirrors, meant to keep us in our “place”, and them in theirs. It’s stupid… and hurtful. Not only to those directly affected, but to yourself and others watching as well.

Wake up.

Contrary to what they want you to believe, everything is connected. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. When you finally wake up and realize that, you will understand the true power of thoughts and words, (not just actions)… and the ripple effect each has on our culture. Stop echoing the sentiments of the oppressor. It makes things worse. It makes an already damn near impossible fight, that much harder. And our goals to live harmoniously, and truly empowered, that much more unattainable.

Evolve, OR DIE.

This is the only way. Not actual physical death, but the proverbial death of all that is logical, good, and pure (of intent), that serves to uplift us. Take the steps to replace your ignorance with knowledge. That’s real power. That’s how we move forward. Elevate yourself, so you can elevate us, too. Because if you don’t, WE WILL COME FOR YOU. In ways that you might not understand, or even feel immediately, but that will resonate, no doubt. Trust that. There’s too much change to be made, without the dull weight of your ignorance constantly tugging on our hem. No one likes dead weight.

Lastly; don’t come for us, unless we call for you… because we can guarantee you, it won’t be pretty.



The Colored Girl

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