#IMARA: Power. Persistence. Presence… It Will Change Your Life!

#IMARA: Power. Persistence. Presence… It Will Change Your Life!

Going to Morocco changed my life. Literally. Traveling there this past summer and spending almost a month immersed in the culture, opened my mind and heart up on new levels I wasn’t even aware I was ready for, or needed. I instantly felt more expansive, open, free, loving, adventurous. It was the place I had read about in books and even dreamed about.

The Alchemist is one of my favorite books (I’ve read it 4 times now) and the images conjured in mind whilst reading that book, is exactly what Marrakech turned out to be. So of course you can imagine, it was  like living a dream come true once I arrived. I was literally speechless, humbled, overwhelmed, peaceful, and overjoyed all at once. I was visiting a place I had never been, yet felt so familiar, and magical. I felt immediately deeply in tune with the energy of Marrakech. This was a place I had once only imagined, and was now IN! Experiencing it tangibly. In the flesh. It was amazing and awe inspiring. Sharing that experience with other amazing women, made it even more so.

The Colored Girl is all about empowering women. That is the heartbeat of what we do and also WHY we do it! Our goal is to always serve our community in ways that help fuel their voices and passion.This is why we created IMARA.

We want to create an experience, space and place for women to connect in an organic, authentic way. For their stores to be heard, felt and possibly impact those listening, for the better. A way for amazing women to bond in an beautiful environment where the culture is unique and inspire one another. We want to create opportunities for life changing moments to happen, in a magical place.

But life changing moments don’t just happen… they can be made, or met when the timing and energy align. Our goal with this retreat, is to create opportunities for that to happen.  For women to commune, share their magic and amplify their power.

We invite you join us for IMARA, to celebrate yourself and other women; and help make it the pivotal, enriching, and impactful experience that will indelibly leave a mark on your soul, and possibly even, change your life.

For more information, and to reserve your spot today, click here: IMARA.





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