Growth, is inevitable. We cannot stop it. Any efforts to control it, usually backfire on us in unimaginable ways. For far too long, others have tried to control, manipulate and even stunt our growth. But their efforts only made us stronger. Like the beautiful wildflowers that some call “weeds”, our resilience has pushed us through the cracks, spaces and places we were not meant to survive in.

OUR growth cannot be tamed, nor stopped.

From the depths of rich soil, we’ve risen and bloomed into everything that our predecessors dreamed about and more. Although, many had mistaken the rich soil from which we sprang, for mere dirt; because they didn’t see the potential, nor understand that everything starts with humble beginnings… yet, here we are. Unearthed, and unapologetically taking up space for the world to see. And no, we will not cower so that those who fear our beauty, may feel better about themselves in their insecure minds. We’d rather shine, and bask in our glory and hope that someday they join us, in their own right, and do the same. But we cannot, nor will we force them. And we cannot and will not be contained. We will continue to flourish, thrive and let the sweet nectar from our petals be a reminder to all, that we are glorious and WORTHY.

More will spring from the depths of the fertile soil, once dismissed as dirt. And they too, will be a testament of our resilience, strength and beauty. Because GROWTH, is inevitable. And true nature is queen. She will not be stopped, and she also, cannot be controlled. We are the fruits of her seeds. Fully blossomed, into that which we were always meant to be. Strong, delicate, beautiful, powerful… and FREE.

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