Written by Christine Suero

“The world owes us nothing; we owe each other the world.” This is easily one of my favorite lyrics and it serves as a motto for life, that I often revisit. I find that it can be easy to lose sight of what truly matters in life, when we pursue things that appear to glitter and shine. It is a common belief to think that by gaining massive amounts of money or power, that we will come to find success and will instantly feel fulfilled. But what would it mean to have lots of money, fame and fortune if what we have on the inside is in shambles? Without question, everything that we thought would bring us joy, is saturated with a vast emptiness.

Having goals and plans are great to motivate us, foster growth, and yes; accomplishing dreams does bring happiness, but it won’t sustain it. And would any of that matter if you cannot share your experiences with the people you love? I firmly believe that our lives have absolutely nothing to do with us, and are more so about all of the lives we touch, the shoulders we lend and the hugs that we extend.

Headline after headline we see that money and fame isn’t enough to sustain happiness. Meaningful connections, collaborative efforts, opportunities to serve and support one another, are just some of the few real things that really matter. Some of us exclaim and shout our need for love, while others long for it in silence. When we get back to loving one another our burdens are lightened and our moments of happiness are amplified.

I hope this post serves as a reminder of what is important in this life. It is not the tangible objects like the big house that brings us joy but instead the family we get to care for and the memories we get to make with our loved ones whilst in the house. It’s not the new car that we are after, it’s the road trips getting lost with friends and the conversations that connect us while on set trip. Life becomes significant via our experiences and our ability to find meaning and sustenance in them.

I believe that what we all really want out of life is to love, and be loved. I believe, love is at the root of everything. Our true nature is love and it’s what rejuvenates and replenishes us. This pursuit of love & happiness, dates back to how we socialized and created connections even as kids. I can think back to my own childhood and remember how I pestered my parents in hopes of obtaining the latest sneakers or hottest new toy. As children, we feel that we desperately needed these things in our lives, because they got us noticed, scored us new friends, they made us look “cool”, feel good, and ultimately loved.

We do the same thing as adults. We paint a perfect picture of our lives on social media, and obsess about always acquiring the latest, biggest or next thing. It is not the actual object or end goal that we are after, but the feeling it gives us when we are noticed, understood, celebrated and/or appreciated. We want to be recognized, and feel as if our lives matter. It seems as if we are all desperately craving this basic human need, and long to be accepted for all that we are.

In my experience, the sheer joy we feel when we get to make others proud, rejoice with friends,  share good news with a lover, or lend a helping hand are the experiences that do not have a price tag. They are worth so much more than anything that can be put into words, and are truly invaluable. To me, I find more significance in the moments where we are fully present with one another, the sweet unexpected phone call reminding another that we care, the small gestures of going the extra mile just to put a smile on someone’s face. Whether you are helping someone move, going grocery shopping with your lover, or taking a friend out on a lunch date; It’s moments like these which at first glance seem insignificant that actually provide meaning in our lives.

In being human however, it is not physically possible to always be in state of bliss. Regardless of the situation we do have the choice to see the good in the experience. I have come to find that whenever I encounter a stressful or challenging situation, the right answer is love. As unfortunate as the situation may be, I think it behoves us to look for the love and to do our very best to express it especially when it’s hardest to do so.  It has been true for me, that when I give love, life blesses me bountifully with an even sweeter love in return. I believe that love will always be the answer, the cure and the only way in, out and through. Now matter how grim our situations may seem, I truly hope that we can get back to taking care of each other, and before we can even begin to do that, we must be able to take care of ourselves. Without love for oneself we are not able to adequately love another. When we come to love ourselves for all that we are, loving others flows effortlessly. The times that we find it hard to do so it’s because we have yet to resolve a similar issue within ourselves.

In the end, life will get messy, it can feel hard but we can’t let the negative moments override how worthy we all are of experiencing the beautiful things life has to offer. We always have the choice to turn our situations around. I hope that we can find the courage to make positive choices in our lives and that each and everyone one these choices be made with love.


Christine Suero is an actress, writer, women’s advocate and proud TCG team member. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, here:  @christinescene.


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