@ladydork, @srvj, @stylebytori for Form Beauty at Jnane Tamsna in Marrakech, Morocco

Ok ladies, now let’s get in FORMation! Ok well, maybe not Mr.s Carter World tour formation, but let’s talk about one of my new faves: FORM beauty… and no, I am not Beyonce! But, even she would use this stuff, and admit that it’s damn good!

Ok, so where to begin? The sexy, modern packaging, the cool name, and logo? Or maybe we jump right into the meat and potatoes of the thing, and talk about the actual amazing products, and how they are great for all types of hair! Specifically curlier, more coarse hair (both long, or in my case uber short/shaved) which tends to be a bit drier naturally, and needs a bit more TLC.

The products not only up your cool factor, exponentially, just by being on display in your bathroom, but they smell great, and also actually do what they say they are going to do. In other words: they’re true to FORM. Now I, for one, happen to love when things are what they actually say they are, and really work the way they promise to. In this case, everything from the clarifying shampoo, the multitask leave in conditioner, to my new personal fave (which I’ll also be blogging about again later) – the pomade; delivers exactly what’s expected, every time.

I am definitely looking forward to keeping this line in my regimen, as I continue along my natural hair journey… no matter where that may take me. I’ll tell you one thing, FORM beauty definitely has me thinking about my next style!

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