Gorgeous Uber CBO Bozoma Saint John wears Cover Fx #PowerPlay in shade P125…

COVER FX never disappoints, and recently at IMARA was no different! We were lucky enough to feature their new matte foundation, #PowerPlay which comes in 40 shades and has a soft finish, that lasts. We absolutely loved the name, as it paired well with our Power Player ladies who attended the retreat as well. Kudos to Cover Fx for A1 branding, while remaining true to their shade range flexibility and cruelty free at that!

Co-founder, vegan IMARA & Power Player Tori Elizabeth radiates in shade N90

We shared the new flawless & fun foundation with our main Power Players of IMARA and they loved it! Each of them with e difference shade of melanin, goddess glow that truly spoke to the brand’s premise that #nudeisnotbeige… and we couldn’t agree more.

Dr. Michelle Henry, Jade Kendle & Terri Matthews glow in shades G100, G+60, G70.

Model Deddeh Howard & co-founder Victory Jones’ melanin glows in shades N120 & G100 

Bloggers & influencer Ivy Coco & Hair stylist Julie Dastine dazzle in #PowerPlay shades G80 & N100

Koshie Mills & Bidemi Zakariyu look flawless in Cover Fx #PowerPlay Matte Foundation G110

We also sent amazing make up artist J. Bailey traveled to Cover Fx HQ in Texas to learn more about the brand’s new #PowerPlay matte foundation, before traveling to IMARA and she said she had a blast and loved the entire line! Watch below for a quick peek into her visit with the brand and some cool IMARA #PowerPlay moments.

Once again, thank you Cover Fx for partnering with us for IMARA, and lacing all of our magical melanin Power Players with your new #PowerPlay foundation to once again prove that nude is indeed not beige! We salute your push for diversity, inclusion and representation.


A Black Fitness Brand FOR US BY US: Culture Fit 


We were fortunate enough to have a beautiful fitness brand as a partner at our first IMARA, and not only did it look great, and work oh so well during all of our amazing yoga sessions with the incomparable Dr. Sanaa “@ladydork” Jaman; but all the ladies loved it too!

From the fun & functional design of the athletic apparel, to the prints and sturdiness of the amazing coordinating yoga mats (which are ideal for hot or regular yoga practices), Culture Fit is definitely a brand to support for WOC in the fitness category. An added bonus: the mats are super soft on top and get even grippier as you sweat it out during your practice! Giving great non-slip traction during practice.

So ladies, if you’re looking for your next yoga mat or fitness gear, check them out! Happy to support black business and also be supported by them too: THANK YOU CULTURE FIT! Keep on doing it, for the culture.




Ladies, there is a new brand we’d love to tell you about for all your yummy skincare needs: Brwn Beauty!

The black owned beauty brand with (natural) scrumptiously smelling products, will have you falling in love with your bath regimen all over again, and glowing. Trust me.

I recently tried the Coco Kisses, coconut & Shea body wash, lotion and hand and body scrub…. and let me tell you: I felt like a little brown chocolate coconut layer cake! I am a sucker for great products, and things that smell amazing, and this line did not disappoint in either category.

My skin was left supple, soft and sweetly fragrant. Also the scrub is great post wax or shave, since it’s sugar based, rather than salt… ouch! All I can say is that I was floating on a Brwn Beauty cloud, all the rest of the day after using this incredible line, and that my melanin glow was super real!

You’d be remiss not to try it for yourself and our friends at the brand even gave us a special discount to share with you for a limited time only. So go to and use the code BRWNGLO, and get yours today!




When I was 19 years old, I took a trip to Morocco with my mother and I absolutely fell in love. If you’re thinking I fell in love with a man, you’re wrong! I fell in love with the city of Marrakech also known as the pink city of Morocco. After my first trip, I felt as if Morocco was my happy place. I could definitely see myself living there sometime during my life time or at least have some property there. I recently returned to Marrakech, Morocco for the 4th time for the 1st IMARA women’s empowerment retreat.

The retreat, (powered by Veyep Sports & Ion 360), was created by the incredible women of The Colored Girl. The ladies of The Colored Girl (Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones) are real life best friends, who met via Instagram, decided to put their creative minds together, and create a disruptive, pervasive & powerful movement, for women (of color) everywhere.

” IMARA is a mindful movement which aims to bridge the gap, between artists of color and the audiences of color. By creating awareness on an everyday level, using special connections within the communities of color, and correlating these in an artistic way, within an empowering environment; via an exclusive, thoughtfully curated experience. Specifically for women of color, who tend to be the trendsetters within their communities. This is an experience like no other… FOR US, BY US.” – The Colored Girl

These two power houses asked me to speak on the Art of Influence panel alongside beauty personality, Jade Kendle, and founder of the Black Mirror ProjectDeddeh Howard. Together we informed women of color about the power of social media and why it’s imperative to have when owning your own business or building your own brand. For one whole week, the IMARA retreat had multiple panels that included other women such as Bozoma Saint JohnKoshie MillsTerri MatthewsDr. Michelle HenryDr. Sanaa Jaman and so much more.

When we were not listening to powerful women inspire our hearts, minds and souls, we did fun activities in the city of Marrakech that I believe you might find very fun and exciting on your next trip to #Marrakech.

  1. Visit Majorelle Garden and The YSL Museum
  2. Go to The Marrakech Polo Club and watch a Polo game
  3. Take a stroll though the gorgeous La Mamounia hotel

Also, the speakers and participants of the IMARA retreat stayed at Marrakech’s finest hotels, Dar Sabra and Jnane Tamsna.

Dar Sabra

To make sure you are at the next IMARA retreat, follow The Colored Girl on Instagram and Twitter @thecgirlinc


Ivy Coco





POWER. PERSISTENCE. PRESENCE. IMARA was truly life changing. In every sense of the way… also in more ways than we had imagined. Firstly, a gazillion thanks to all of those who supported and /or attended. Tori and I, truly thank you from the depths of our souls. You made IMARA magical!


This was beyond a celebration of excellence & empowerment….When we first started on the journey to create this experience, little did we know we too, also needed exactly what it was that we were building. We worked tirelessly, for months to bring this to fruition. Pushed almost beyond our limits at times, to what almost seemed like our behest. But we persisted and kept the faith. Even though everything we create starts with us, our tenacity and dedication resides in the belief that what we do is so much greater than us. Its FOR US, BY US! (Thanks FUBU for the plug).


Nevertheless, this was the retreat to end all retreats! Or should I say rather, the retreat to begin all retreats?! It was that AMAZING! Literally. These women, from speakers, staff to attendees… most of whom strangers to each other, showed up and poured so much into each other. We fed each others souls at IMARA. Eased each others hearts, and provoked each other’s minds, in the most dynamic, powerful and genuinely caring ways possible. Mass attunement. The likes of which I have never seen or experienced before, ever. At least not to this magnitude. And it was AWESOME. TRULY. We recognized the divine in one another and also the struggle. All of which was met with nothing but compassion, empathy and care. This retreat made us realize that we are indeed a special tribe.


This was also beyond #blackgirlmagic, and orbited in to a whole other realm; that can only be summed up in the hashag: #IMARA. For 7 days we converged, communed, created, collaborated, shared parts of ourselves and lives with each other, with no agenda other than to just be of service to the next woman. To possibly help her grow and live her best life, and to my knowledge: it worked! Everyone came with their armor removed, their hearts and minds open and the magic began to flow. The immediate vibe, and feedback was incredibly heartfelt and overwhelmingly positively filled with so much love. Love for self, and for others. No agendas, just sheer genuine LOVE. The real kind that shows up when you leave all your armor and expectations at the door… and it was insanely beautiful.



This may have been the inaugural launch, so we do not hope to recreate it; but merely build on it. Amplify the energetic vibration of IMARA. We are very much looking forward to the next one, and have already begun working on what that will be. It is our hope that you will join us. Open heart, open mind, bring your magic, and leave your armor at the door… become part of our tribe and let’s celebrate the art of excellence and empowerment together. #IMARAFOREVER!



Check out the full program and lineup for the retreat, here: IMARA Digital Program.


Special thanks to our sponsors & partners:


Veyeyp Sports & Ion 360

Tim Tam


Cover FX

Huda Beauty

Shea Moisture


Brwn Beauty

Culture Fit

Mess in a Bottle

The Wrap Life

The Lip Bar



Naturalista Daily

Jane Carter Solution

Heritage Apothecary


Sustain Natural

Woman’s Touch

The Butter Bar

KNC Beauty

New Secrets Tea


Copper Signatures

M. Harris

Travel Partner: Black Travel Journey

And Media Partners:


Black Enterprise

Fearless Magazine

Color Comm

Hello Beautiful

The Luxe Digest




#IMARA: Power. Persistence. Presence… It Will Change Your Life!

Going to Morocco changed my life. Literally. Traveling there this past summer and spending almost a month immersed in the culture, opened my mind and heart up on new levels I wasn’t even aware I was ready for, or needed. I instantly felt more expansive, open, free, loving, adventurous. It was the place I had read about in books and even dreamed about.

The Alchemist is one of my favorite books (I’ve read it 4 times now) and the images conjured in mind whilst reading that book, is exactly what Marrakech turned out to be. So of course you can imagine, it was  like living a dream come true once I arrived. I was literally speechless, humbled, overwhelmed, peaceful, and overjoyed all at once. I was visiting a place I had never been, yet felt so familiar, and magical. I felt immediately deeply in tune with the energy of Marrakech. This was a place I had once only imagined, and was now IN! Experiencing it tangibly. In the flesh. It was amazing and awe inspiring. Sharing that experience with other amazing women, made it even more so.

The Colored Girl is all about empowering women. That is the heartbeat of what we do and also WHY we do it! Our goal is to always serve our community in ways that help fuel their voices and passion.This is why we created IMARA.

We want to create an experience, space and place for women to connect in an organic, authentic way. For their stores to be heard, felt and possibly impact those listening, for the better. A way for amazing women to bond in an beautiful environment where the culture is unique and inspire one another. We want to create opportunities for life changing moments to happen, in a magical place.

But life changing moments don’t just happen… they can be made, or met when the timing and energy align. Our goal with this retreat, is to create opportunities for that to happen.  For women to commune, share their magic and amplify their power.

We invite you join us for IMARA, to celebrate yourself and other women; and help make it the pivotal, enriching, and impactful experience that will indelibly leave a mark on your soul, and possibly even, change your life.

For more information, and to reserve your spot today, click here: IMARA.






Hyper pigmentation is so very real! Although ti may not look like it, my skin scars very easily which is highly frustrating and annoying. Especially since I am obsessed with having a clear, glowing, healthy complexion. If you suffer from hyper pigmentation (melanin scarring that leaves marks on the skin), and revere a radiant glow like I do, then you too share my frustration.

Enter Nyakio Brightening oil! When I tell you this stuff works and is EVERYTHING!? Boy, do I mean it. I like to massage my face with this after cleansing, toning and slathering on a hearty dose of my fave serum, whilst my face is still a bit moist, to ensure that the oil absorbs into my skin. Leaving me relaxed and my skin vibrant.

I’ve been using it for a while and have noticed that my complexion is brighter, more supple and that the hyper pigmentation has indeed lessened, and even faded altogether in certain spots. I have even foregone wearing concealer on my spots most days as well to show off my more natural, radiant glow! I highly recommend it as part of your facial regimen: it’s AWESOME!



#trulybeautiful featuring Khoudia Diop

No one is perfect but we are ALL uniquely beautiful in our own ways. Inside and out. To me, what makes a woman truly beautiful is being herself. Embracing all that she is: flaws and all!

A huge part of my self care routine, is caring for my skin and TRUE BOTANICALS helps me do just that. with amazing natural ingredients that keep my glow going, no matter where I am, all year round!

While I was in Morocco this past summer the intense dry heat nearly did a number on my skin. But luckily I was able to combat it, inside and out as well, with proper hydration (key) and TRUE BOTANICALS.

I especially love the hydration line (cleanser, mist, serum and oil). They kept my skin supple and provided much needed moisture in the arid climate.

I’ve also tried other products form their line and love the natural smell and feel of them all on my skin… as well as the glow! If you haven’t tried them yet, I definitely recommend it.

Stay beautiful, xx!

Khoudia Diop


Embracing my #nubianheritage

I am totally obsessed with skincare products! I’ll admit, I am an addict and I have a problem. I really do. Something about amazing products, that smell and feel good, in cute packaging, just gets me every time. If you’re anything like me, a simple trip to the market or mall, turns into trying to avoid spending countless time in the aisles full of beautiful, beautifying products that almost seem to speak my name as I walk by! Yeah, I have issues.

I am also pretty obsessed with self-care, and taking really excellent care of my mind, spirit and body. This includes my skin. So when I discovered SunDial’s Nubian heritage line I was absolutely smitten with all the great smelling body scrubs, lotions and even natural deodorants. (I stopped wearing regular deodorant years ago, due to the chemicals & long term health hazards).


My faves from the line is the Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver collection. Specifically the deodorant, moisturizer and body scrub. I always leave the bath, smelling like royalty whenever I use these! Sometimes I also slather on the African Black Soap Infused Shea Butter too… so rich and creamy, I use it for extra moisture and to seal in all the goodness after a bath as well. There’s also the amazing, and unique Abbysinian oil & Chia Seed body wash and lotion as well. Super good stuff, with natural skin firming ingredients, to boot! My on-the-go for the handbag is the Coconut & Papaya hand cream, which I really dig! Not only does it work wonders for my hands after washing, but smells so yummy & amazing. I almost forget its not edible! This one is definitely a keeper, as far an hand creams go. 


Overall, I recommend the entire Nubian Heritage line, especially if you’re feeling like you can use a dose of added moisture, natural smell & feel goods to your self-care routine. So, If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it. Trust me. Your skin will thank me later, xx!

Victory In Morocco… wearing a swimsuit by City Republik, and a glow courtesy of Nubian Heritage.