I’ve been transitioning to natural hair for the last few months, and  I think it’s awesome having the right hair care based on your lifestyle, what your natural curls look like and how you tend to take care of them. I’m impressed with Form beauty and how they inclusively figure out the needs of all hair types! With my hair being different textures and porosity, it’s important for me to have the right products for both health and maintenance.

I love that they give you a questionnaire that covers a lot of interesting topics, and actually assesses different hair types & need. Plus the the products are so easy to use too! I recently rocked cornrows while in Morocco and loved the super cool nozzle on the clarifying shampoo that i was able to use after a swim. The consideration put into the products is amazing, and much appreciated.

If you’re transitioning, relaxed or natural I would definitely recommend Form Beauty for your haircare needs. They’ve truly helped make my transformations an easier, healthier and more stylish one thus far!

Written by guest blogger: Khoudia Diop




I love nature, I always try to get outside whenever possible. Especially here in Marrakech. Its so beautiful here, and I feel more beautiful here. Both inside and out. This place is like the garden of Eden! I love it. The lush gardens, amazing, architecture, design and art. And I also love the atmosphere. It’s been the perfect setting to launch the partnership we’ve forged with True Botanicals… a skincare line, who’s products I have also come to adore. Natural, organic, straight from nature, and amazing to my skin.

I mean I really have to give it up for True Botanicals. Their products are simply amazing! My skin looks, feels and smells amazing! This summer glow is fantastic and I hope it lasts me well into fall and winter. With the change of seasons my skin usually wigs out and goes rogue on me. Drier, uneven skin tone and breakouts. No fun at all. But I am looking forward to fortifying my skincare regimen with all the lovely goodies True Botanical has.

I recently tried the hydrating oil and mist and think that these two will be perfect for the cold winter months ahead that tend to dry out my skin. I’ll also be traveling a LOT these next few months too, and this can also cause a toll on my skin… luckily, I plan on carrying the full True Botanicals lineup with me. (The convenient size and shapes of the packaging allows for easy transport, which I definitely appreciate when I am in the TSA line at the airport).

Overall, since using their line, I can see and feel changes that are more in line with my healthy, glow skin goals and I am ecstatic about that. Because to me, one of the pillars of health & beauty, is great skin, (especially on my face) and this stuff, makes it every bit of what I expected. Thanks for helping me achieve the skin of my dreams @trubotanicals!




Victory in Morocco for FORM Beauty

These past few weeks have been amazing here in Morocco! Everything from the food, culture, atmosphere and weather has been a dream. I for one, love the heat. Arid or humid, I’ll take it. Morocco is definitely arid and HOT! Honestly though, I cannot get enough of it.

My short brush cut has started growing in nicely, and even though the water here is a bit hard (like London…. which is my next stop!), FORM beauty hydrating conditioner has been keeping my TWA baby curls super soft. You can actually feel the difference between just a quick water rinse and using the amazing smelling, light yet luxurious conditioner.

I am also a huge fan of leave in conditioners as well and always make sure to follow up with the multitask leave in lotion. I even carry it min my purse as a refresher on the go!

Last but definitely not least, my personal fave from FORM beauty is the amazing pomade with essential oils. I really cannot get enough of this stuff and the shine it give my hair. I really wish it came in a lotion as well, because I would literally slather it on from head to toe if so! But I’ll just stick to the little hair I have since that’s what it’s for. I even gave some to a friend with longer more luxurious curls to style, while her and she loved it too. Raved about the feel, smell and shine ti gave her sleek new style!All I can say is thanks FORM beauty for helping keep my hair looking, smelling and feeling amazing!



@ladydork, @srvj, @stylebytori for Form Beauty at Jnane Tamsna in Marrakech, Morocco

Ok ladies, now let’s get in FORMation! Ok well, maybe not Mr.s Carter World tour formation, but let’s talk about one of my new faves: FORM beauty… and no, I am not Beyonce! But, even she would use this stuff, and admit that it’s damn good!

Ok, so where to begin? The sexy, modern packaging, the cool name, and logo? Or maybe we jump right into the meat and potatoes of the thing, and talk about the actual amazing products, and how they are great for all types of hair! Specifically curlier, more coarse hair (both long, or in my case uber short/shaved) which tends to be a bit drier naturally, and needs a bit more TLC.

The products not only up your cool factor, exponentially, just by being on display in your bathroom, but they smell great, and also actually do what they say they are going to do. In other words: they’re true to FORM. Now I, for one, happen to love when things are what they actually say they are, and really work the way they promise to. In this case, everything from the clarifying shampoo, the multitask leave in conditioner, to my new personal fave (which I’ll also be blogging about again later) – the pomade; delivers exactly what’s expected, every time.

I am definitely looking forward to keeping this line in my regimen, as I continue along my natural hair journey… no matter where that may take me. I’ll tell you one thing, FORM beauty definitely has me thinking about my next style!


Self-care is imperative to quality of life. Dire almost. If we don’t take care of ourselves, then we are no good to anyone else. I’ve found this to be one of the truest things in my journey of self-love and care, and even in my active everyday life! I am very much a believer in treating yourself as you would want others to treat you. And in the past few years have been fine tuning, refining and fortifying my self- care regimen… From yoga to a gluten free lifestyle, meditation, reading more, mantras and positive thinking… and I can honestly say that it has improved my life (sense of self and overall alignment with goals) so much!

I am specifically meticulous when it comes to the things I not only feed my body and mind but also WHAT I put on my body as well! Natural ingredients are always a must for me with most of the things I use in my daily regimen. I just find that it’s better overall for me, both inside and out! I try to eat organic, seasonal foods whenever possible. I try to wear clothing that is somewhat sustainable and also when it comes to skincare (which I am uber particular about) I prefer to keep things as natural and as simple as possible. Partly because I have a million allergies to random things, but mostly because it actually FEELS and WORKS better for my skin! And as someone who struggles to balance my skin, due to many factors like changing seasons, travel, allergies, and hormonal issues… I find that not only eating right but using products that use natural, organic ingredients is so much more impactful and help make my skin glow like a perfect picture of health that I dream about! Enter, TRUE BOTANICALS… let me just say this: I FREAKING LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS! Seriously. The ingredients are top notch and my skin is literally GLOWING!

I am currently in Morocco and this intense arid heat (think 104 at 11 AM, in the shade!), is no match for the suppleness of my skin, in large part thanks to True Botanicals. It’s truly refreshing to find, use and stick with a skin care regimen that not only works wonders and is everything it’s labeled as and more, but to also know that I can switch up my routine, within the product line (ie. hydrating serum on the days I feel extra dry, vs. a cellular repair serum), and my skin doesn’t suffer any disruptive or disappointing consequences.

This skincare line is something I will definitely be using for a very, very, VERY long time! Thank you True Botanicals for helping me stay true to my mission of remaining as natural as possible on all fronts and also for helping me get this killer summer complexion! You’ve definitely become one so my new favorite beauty discoveries this year.

Click the link below and use the discount code, TCG20 to get your’s today!