Growth, is inevitable. We cannot stop it. Any efforts to control it, usually backfire on us in unimaginable ways. For far too long, others have tried to control, manipulate and even stunt our growth. But their efforts only made us stronger. Like the beautiful wildflowers that some call “weeds”, our resilience has pushed us through the cracks, spaces and places we were not meant to survive in.

OUR growth cannot be tamed, nor stopped.

From the depths of rich soil, we’ve risen and bloomed into everything that our predecessors dreamed about and more. Although, many had mistaken the rich soil from which we sprang, for mere dirt; because they didn’t see the potential, nor understand that everything starts with humble beginnings… yet, here we are. Unearthed, and unapologetically taking up space for the world to see. And no, we will not cower so that those who fear our beauty, may feel better about themselves in their insecure minds. We’d rather shine, and bask in our glory and hope that someday they join us, in their own right, and do the same. But we cannot, nor will we force them. And we cannot and will not be contained. We will continue to flourish, thrive and let the sweet nectar from our petals be a reminder to all, that we are glorious and WORTHY.

More will spring from the depths of the fertile soil, once dismissed as dirt. And they too, will be a testament of our resilience, strength and beauty. Because GROWTH, is inevitable. And true nature is queen. She will not be stopped, and she also, cannot be controlled. We are the fruits of her seeds. Fully blossomed, into that which we were always meant to be. Strong, delicate, beautiful, powerful… and FREE.



How many times do we have to battle this? How long???? If you can’t see that this is all a construct to make us hate ourselves, implement hierarchy, divide and distract us; then you too, are part of the problem.

She is not better than me. Nor me, than she. We are different, yes. But still the same. Equal in ways you cannot fathom, measure or even comprehend because, like them, your mind is fearful and small.

We cry and laugh at the same time, because you believe THEM, and fall for the hype that there is a superlative when it comes to US. But there is not. This is a head game that they’ve managed to engage us in for centuries, often times willingly and unknowingly… saying that’s how it is. A sick dream like existence where our identity is clouded and shrouded, by those who fear us most.  But those of us who choose to “stay woke”, know better.

We are all products of our environment, but when your mind cannot soar above that which you see, feel, taste, touch and hear? Then you are living in an alternate reality. One that was created for you. But not FOR YOU. All of which you may not even understand. You move through this faux reality with blinders on, handed to you by those who want you to only see and believe that which they’ve created, to disempower you and make themselves appear as GODS. Open your eyes, and know that these are false idols.

What’s real? The color of our skin has nothing to do with what’s within. The status of a man or woman, has nothing to do with his or her character. Intelligence is a tool. Action is a weapon. Intention is king. And as long as you choose to blindly stay inside the lines so viciously, and flawlessly designed to stunt OUR growth and hurt US; then you are just as culpable as THEM.

But we are vigilant, mindful, strong… and we are WATCHING and unlearning their mistakes. Your misguided deeds, are no match for our actionable efforts to eradicate this “system”. A system you ignorantly uphold by espousing the twisted philosophies of, sadly. Although it will take time, and a lot of power to overthrow; make no mistake, that we are steadfast. Growing stronger and smarter everyday. Reclaiming our power, and getting back to the truths that have been hidden under so many lies, false beliefs and corruption.

We are not cogs in the wheel. We never were. Let them tell it, they invented the wheel and we should be grateful to just be along for the ride. Hmph. Guess they didn’t know that we are the drivers, and we were built to handle this. So while you choose to stay asleep in the backseat, because you think this free ride was meant for you, we are busy taking back control, before they drive us off a cliff.  Remember, there is no comfort in a house built by those who wish to destroy you. Destroy us. Oppress us. Control us. The truth is, that we are ALL magnificent, and until you realize THAT, then they have you too. So WAKE UP… and stay woke!


It’s not ok to degrade us. It’s not ok to talk shit about one over another. For any reason. It’s not ok to buy into this mentality that lighter is better. Straighter is nicer. Fairer, is the gauge for what’s more pleasurable. ALL THIS, IS BULLSHIT. And so is your mentality, if you adhere to any of this.


Systems of discrimination and oppression, were put in place to cast us as “other”, so we can be seen as inferior to those who needed to control our power, and exploit it for their gain. Sad and disgusting, but true. And every time you disrespect a sister, because she doesn’t fit into your brainwashed beauty ideals, you put more points on their board, in this heinous game of oppression, and you weaken the very efforts of those who seek to disrupt and destroy the status quo, and take our power back.

Stop being a puppet.

We have come too far, for you to be that willfully misguided. This isn’t a joke, and there is nothing funny about pitting people against one another, because of their differences. It’s fine to have preferences. But not if they’re at the expense of others, on a level that’s so subversively (or overtly) dangerous, that you never even realize the real harm you’re causing. We deserve better.

Please be smarter.

Don’t reinforce a malignant myth. By perpetuating this nonsense you cosign our degradation. OUR DISEMPOWERMENT. JUST STOP. The last thing we need is one of us, against US. Whether knowingly, or unknowingly. Each is equally as detrimental. Learn how to love yourself instead. So you can really love others properly, and act accordingly on OUR behalf, and not just frolic in the covered corners of your unexpanded mind, secretly coveting what “massa” has. This adoption of self loathing and division, is a distraction from what really matters. It’s just smoke and mirrors, meant to keep us in our “place”, and them in theirs. It’s stupid… and hurtful. Not only to those directly affected, but to yourself and others watching as well.

Wake up.

Contrary to what they want you to believe, everything is connected. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. When you finally wake up and realize that, you will understand the true power of thoughts and words, (not just actions)… and the ripple effect each has on our culture. Stop echoing the sentiments of the oppressor. It makes things worse. It makes an already damn near impossible fight, that much harder. And our goals to live harmoniously, and truly empowered, that much more unattainable.

Evolve, OR DIE.

This is the only way. Not actual physical death, but the proverbial death of all that is logical, good, and pure (of intent), that serves to uplift us. Take the steps to replace your ignorance with knowledge. That’s real power. That’s how we move forward. Elevate yourself, so you can elevate us, too. Because if you don’t, WE WILL COME FOR YOU. In ways that you might not understand, or even feel immediately, but that will resonate, no doubt. Trust that. There’s too much change to be made, without the dull weight of your ignorance constantly tugging on our hem. No one likes dead weight.

Lastly; don’t come for us, unless we call for you… because we can guarantee you, it won’t be pretty.



The Colored Girl


One year down and counting! June 21st  The Colored Girl celebrated our one year anniversary, and a lot has happened in a year.

What started out as a disruptive idea, to be seen and heard; turned into a viral sensation, necessary movement and full blown business. We are proud to say that the work we are doing is bigger than us. It’s so much more than just pretty pictures and cool clothes on beautiful women (of color). It is a physical manifestation of an ideal that we too, are WORTHY. This is our proclamation of power, and protest within systems that were designed to see us fail. So this celebration was a momentous occasion of TCG turning one, and also a turning of tides… a way for us to revel in the new wave that we’ve created. It was also a chance to connect with some of the people who help support our endeavors, and who have become a part of the movement.

We work hard. Round the clock, like so many others who spearhead movements, and run businesses. So we appreciate every single good vibe sent in our direction. It helps keep us going. Especially when those vibes are so present in the room, that they are palpable enough to almost touch. This was what the #TCGturns1 party was like: a sea of tangible positive vibes. Strong enough for us to swim in, and get lost in the happiness of. It was awesome!

We had a great time. As did everyone who attended. Which we learned as the messages flooded our inbox with even more positive feedback. It was so joyful to take that moment, and really appreciate all that we’ve built. It would definitely be an understatement to say that we are excited for the future, and all that lies ahead. So for now, we will just say, that we are truly humbled, and grateful. THANK YOU! (For riding this wave with us, xx).

Curating change,

Tori & Vic